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Summer Change: Single Sign In to All Online Courses

June 23, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

One of the more immediate and obvious changes to the online course system that is coming this summer is a change to the way you sign in to online courses.

Currently, when you access sections of an online course Web site that are only available to students, faculty, and TAs in that course, you are asked to sign in to that course Web site. You have to do this for each and every online course in which you are enrolled.

One of the side effects of the behind-the-scenes changes that we've made is that you will now only have to sign in once, regardless of the number of online courses to which you currently have access. Once you've done that, you'll also have access to any other course in which you are currently enrolled without having to sign in to each individual course Web site. It's a small change, but a nice convenience.

Additionally, there's a nice, big "Logout" button in the upper-right corner of all pages, as you can see below:

Logout Button

Clicking this button logs you out of all of your online courses.