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Quick Look: Track Which Students Accessed Your Online Lectures

May 05, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

CoursePlus Quick Looks is a series of video-based posts that demonstrate some of the intermediate to advanced features of CoursePlus. The videos assume a basic level of knowledge with CoursePlus (signing in, setting up a site, adding files to the Online Library).

Faculty who create online lectures put a lot of effort into the process. In the case of online lectures produced by the Center for Teaching and Learning, a whole team of professionals works to create a very high-quality final product. As such, faculty want to know if these lectures are being utilized by students. Fortunately, CoursePlus provides a good amount of data about lecture viewing when lectures are part of a “Lecture Materials” box in CoursePlus. While tools like Panopto and Zoom offer information about students viewing recorded content in those platforms, CoursePlus offers some unique features on this front. In this post in the CoursePlus Quick Looks video series, we explore the data available when students watch lecture content inside of a “Lecture Materials” box in CoursePlus.