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Quick Look: Import Email Messages from Previous Offerings of the Class

April 28, 2021 | 0 Minute Read

CoursePlus Quick Looks is a series of video-based posts that demonstrate some of the intermediate to advanced features of CoursePlus. The videos assume a basic level of knowledge with CoursePlus (signing in, setting up a site, adding files to the Online Library).

Email is the lifeblood of many academic institutions, and many courses. Critical organizational information, notifications of upcoming work, and last-minute reminders are all sent via email to students in classes in CoursePlus. These emails take time to compose, and are often repeated each time you offer a class. Fortunately, CoursePlus has a big time-saving feature built into the class email tool that directly addresses the need to send the same message to all students each time you teach a class. In this post in the CoursePlus Quick Looks video series, we see how you can utilize this tool to quickly update and resend email messages from previous offerings of the class.