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Page Builder for On-Campus Classes

March 13, 2017 | 1 Minute Read

Page Builder is the tool used in fully online courses to build out standalone lecture or activity pages for students to access. Faculty can create extensive descriptions of projects, assignments, or reference guides to the course, each on their own individual page with links to files in the Online Library or other tools in CoursePlus. Page Builder is also used by the CTL team to build the pages for fully online lectures.

All CoursePlus sites now have access to the Page Builder tool. In combination with utilization of Schedule Builder, on-campus courses can now build out sites very similar to fully online courses. Links can be made to Page Builder pages from the Class Sessions tool, and you can link multiple pages to a single class session, or multiple class sessions to a single page. You can even set a date on which students will have access to a Page Builder page in your on-campus class. If you opt to use the Schedule Builder tool instead of the Class Sessions tool, you can link up pages to individual items in the class schedule, just as is done in fully online courses.

Faculty can also import pages from any course that they teach (e.g.; on which they are listed as primary faculty), not just other sections of the same course. This allows easy reuse of content — including fully online lectures — between courses.

As with fully online courses, only CTL staff can create lecture pages. Standard Page Builder lecture pages (just like those found in fully online courses) will be used from this point forward for all CTL-produced lectures for blended classes and flipped lectures. Once created, faculty, TAs, and editors can edit the content of lecture pages created by CTL staff, with the exception of the Lecture Materials box on the lecture page.

Page Builder is a powerful tool which offers a great deal of flexibility the kind of content you can put into your CoursePlus site. There's a full guide to using Page Builder in the CoursePlus Faculty Guide. If you have questions about how to use Page Builder, please contact CTL Help!