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One-Click Import of Class-Wide Email Messages from the Previous Term

April 06, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Faculty who teach the same course year over year (or even term over term) often find themselves sending the same email messages each time a course is offered. Previously, you could use the "Class Email Archive" page in a CoursePlus site to see the messages sent to a previous class, and copy and paste the content of those messages into a new email to the current class.

We're pleased to announce that we've added a one-click importer of class-wide email messages from the previous offering of a course to the Class Email tool in every CoursePlus site. When you compose a message for the entire class, you'll see an option to "Import Message from Last Offering:"

Screenshot of the Import Message from Last Offering Tool

Selecting a message immediately pulls it into the rich text editor in the class email tool, and even updates any links in the message to the old class website to point to the current course website! The handy spellcheck-as-you-type and grammar checker in the rich text editor will even flag dates that are incorrect for the current calendar year.

Messages sent to individual students or groups of students aren't available in this tool, but you always have the Class Email Archive with the "Include All Educational Team Communications" option enabled to see those messages.

We hope that this small addition saves you a lot of time when creating class-wide emails each time you teach a class! If you have any questions about how this feature works, please contact CTL Help.