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Embed Images into Your Online Course Syllabus and Class Emails

July 01, 2013 | 0 Minute Read

Back in March, we added the ability for you to upload images directly into BBS posts. Some faculty expressed an interest in also being able to do this when editing their course syllabus and when sending email messages to the whole class. As a result, we've added the ability for anyone editing an online course syllabus to embed an image directly into a syllabus section. When you edit any section in an online course syllabus (except contact information and learning objectives, which have a very specific format), you can click on the insert image button to add an image directly into that syllabus section:

You can also insert an image into an email message that you send via the class email tool. The process is exactly the same as above.

We'll be adding the ability to insert images into content into more online course tools — including the Quiz Generator — in the future.