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Printing Lecture Slides in Different Ways

July 03, 2013 | 1 Minute Read

With the beginning of summer term, lectures will be offered in a video-based format and the slides for all lectures will also be offered in a slightly different way. Instead of separate files for each section in each lecture, a single PDF file of all slides in the lecture will be provided.

The single PDF of all slides in the lecture will be provided in a 1 slide per page format. There will no longer be 2 slides per page (color) and 6 slides per page (black and white) options. A single PDF will be offered.

If you don't like the one slide per page (color) format when you print your slides, you have the option of changing the print settings on your computer to print 2 slides or 6 slides or 9 slides per page. You also have the option of printing in black and white or color. This is all dependent on the driver options for your printer.

The CTL Help team has created a brief tutorial that shows you both how to print multiple slides per page and how to print in black and white instead of color. While print settings vary from printer to printer, the basics are all covered in the tutorial, so if you want something other than a single slide per page for the lecture notes in online courses, you can make that yourself!