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25 Ways to use Twitter in Education

May 07, 2012 | 0 Minute Read

Edudemic Magazine has put together a handy guide of 25 ideas to incorporate Twitter into the classroom, called "The Twitter Spectrum for Educators" - from easy to most difficult. The guide ranges from "watch" to "talk" to "produce" - so that classes can ease into Twitter gradually. A great feature of the guide is that each idea starts with a verb, a la Bloom's Taxonomy - so that you can look at your course learning objectives and find good potential matches to meet your objectives. If you've been toying around with giving it a try or looking for ideas to enhance your course by immersing students into a larger (world-wide) community of learning, research, and/or practice, check out the guide, and then contact your instructional designer to plan and implement.

If you have some other ideas for using Twitter in your classes or have some info after trying some of these suggestions, please leave a comment!