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Zoom Links for Individual Class Sessions

June 22, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Zoom has become an indispensable part of teaching at the School. As students take multiple classes that rely on Zoom as a primary form of interaction, getting the right link to each Zoom session to each student can be a challenge. With Zoom's recent security changes, links have often had to change at the last minute, causing more confusion for students who may see an outdated reference to a Zoom link on a course site.

We're pleased to announce that for those using the Class Sessions tool in CoursePlus, you can now specify a Zoom link for each individual class session. You can also provide a single link and have that link used in all class sessions. This way, students have a single place across classes to go to find the Zoom links for their on-campus courses that are being taught in a virtual environment.

Additionally, if you enter a Zoom link for a class session, the link to the Zoom session shows up in the Daily Course Notifications email which students receive each day. This puts the Zoom link to that day's class session within easy reach for everyone in the class.

We hope that this new feature makes joining Zoom-based class sessions a little less confusing for students, and helps to reduce the administrative overhead for faculty and TAs. If you have any questions about this new feature, please contact CTL Help!