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VoiceThread Gets an Upgrade

December 23, 2014 | 1 Minute Read

Voicethread, (jhu.voicethread.com) is a handy tool available to all JHU faculty. Most of our faculty use it for recording online presentations that students can view anytime/any place (with an internet connection). This can be very useful for providing lecture content to students in case of inclement weather. But it can also be useful for having students interact and discuss lecture content or introduce themselves with audio or video, remote guest speaker recordings, or having students collaborate in creating online presentations. (See examples.) Some faculty have found it to be a useful tool for flipping their classroom - recording lecture content that students view outside class, and then using the on-site class time for application and practice of the concepts, case studies, collaboration or other activities.

A new version of Voicethread has been released, and is now the official active version in use by JHU. This version has some notable new features and a greatly updated user interface. (Catch a good glimpse of what it looks like in this short video.)

If you have any issues, please email voicethread@jhu.edu