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Go Ahead, Duplicate a Quiz

January 06, 2015 | 0 Minute Read

While you've had the option of copying quizzes from one section of a course to another for a few months now, you haven't been able to simply make multiple copies of a quiz in the same course. You'd have to re-create the quiz from scratch, which wasn't very fun.

The CoursePlus team recently introduced the ability to duplicate any quiz in a course as many times as you want. Some faculty have asked for the ability to do this to create start-of-class and end-of-class formative assessments for their students. Some faculty have wanted to set up a template quiz with all the settings just the way that they like and then make multiple copies of that template quiz for building each real quiz in the course. Some faculty have wanted to duplicate an exam and then move some of the questions around or swap questions in and out to make the second copy of the exam slightly different than the first. All of these tasks are now much easier with the duplicate quiz functionality in CoursePlus.