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'Unleash Your Inner Spielberg When Creating (Online) Presentations' Video Archive Posted

July 27, 2011 | 1 Minute Read

The video archive of "Unleash Your Inner Spielberg When Creating (Online) Presentations," a talk which I gave as part of the Center for Teaching and Learning with Technology's speaker series, is now available online via the CTLT Web Events page. I really enjoyed presenting this session to the faculty, students, and staff who attended. I had the privilege of giving this talk three times prior to this session at various conferences around the country (Adobe MAX, CUE2011, and EduComm 2011), but it was really nice to have it so well received on my home turf.

The archive does not contain the Q&A section of the presentation, as many of the questions and comments from those in attendance could not be heard on the recording. There is a link, however, to the handout which was given out at the end of the session. The handout takes the place of a PDF or handout of the actual slides used in the presentation (and contains more details than the slides themselves). If you're wondering why this is, be sure to check out the presentation!