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The May 2009 Patch to CoursePlus

April 22, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

CoursePlus is getting a small, end-of-year update to implement a couple of long-standing faculty requests. Those changes are:

  • The anonymous feedback tool is now turned off by default. Anyone with editing privileges on a CoursePlus site can turn on anonymous feedback on the "Communication Tools" page. Anonymous feedback is no longer available for courses for which there is no CoursePlus site.
  • When setting up a CoursePlus site, faculty can now copy the content of a CoursePlus site from a previous term of a course with the same course number even if they were not the primary faculty on that course when that course was offered. This means that if you are now the primary faculty on a course which was previously taught by someone else, you can copy the content of the CoursePlus site from that previous offering of the course. Prior to this change, you could only copy content if you were also the primary faculty on the previous offering of the course as well.
    • Note that primary faculty from the previous offering who are no longer listed in the catalog as being involved with the course will receive an email message notifying them that the content of their CoursePlus site was copied.

There are a couple of additional behind-the-scenes, administrative changes in this CoursePlus patch, but the above listed items are the only changes that directly pertain to the faculty, staff and students who use CoursePlus.

Thanks again to everyone who provided feedback about CoursePlus and helped to get these changes made!