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Slowdowns and Problems on CoursePlus

April 21, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

You've probably noticed that CoursePlus has been running slowly in the past couple of days. The site even went offline for a brief period on Monday night around 10:15pm. The reason for this is a problem in the database in which all of the information displayed in CoursePlus is stored. Information Systems is working very hard to resolve this problem. It's a bit tricky, and they've brought in experts from Microsoft's main offices to work on the issue with them.

We understand that you're frustrated by this, and if we could resolve the problem more quickly, we really would. We'll post here when the problems are resolved, which should hopefully be in the next day or so.

UPDATE 2:03PM: Information Systems is going to perform emergency maintenance at 9pm Eastern time today (April 20). This will result in CoursePlus and the online courses being unavailable for approximately 15 minutes. We hope that this maintenance will help resolve the problems that Information Systems has had with the database in the past few days.

UPDATE Wed, April 21: Although the maintenance last night took quite a bit longer than expected, it looks like the problems have been resolved. We'd like to thank you for your patience while these problems were resolved!