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Schedule the Sending of Class-Wide Emails

January 20, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The class email tool is a powerful and heavily used part of CoursePlus. Not only can you send messages to the entire class, or groups of students, or even individuals, you can also create draft messages for instructional team review or sending at a later time. Starting today, you can even schedule the sending of messages for the entire class.

Faculty and TAs frequently find themselves needing to compose a message for the entire class but not wanting to send it until some time in the future. Previously, a faculty member could create a draft of a message and then have a co-instructor or TA go into the CoursePlus site for their course and send the message at the appropriate date and time. Now when you create a draft message, you can specify the date and time on which the message should be sent. The message will be sent to everyone in the class at the selected date and time (or within 5 minutes of the selected date and time) with no additional action required. Please note that once you click "Send" on a scheduled email, that message cannot be edited or recalled.