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A Couple of Gradebook Changes for the New Year

January 27, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The Gradebook received a couple minor updates over the holidays.

First, all feedback sent from the Gradebook now uses ?ctlhelp@jhsph.edu as the "From" email address rather than the email address of the person who clicked the "Send Feedback" button. This should cut down significantly on Gradebook feedback being marked as spam in student email accounts and makes the sending of feedback anonymous, which has been requested a number of times in the past. The person who clicked the "Send Feedback" button is still listed as the sender on the "Enter Grades" view of the Gradebook, but students will only get feedback from ?ctlhelp@jhsph.edu.

Second, scores from a quiz or peer assessment linked to an activity in the Gradebook are now automatically pulled into the Gradebook when a student's answers for a quiz are fully graded or when a final grade is assigned for a peer assessment. Previously, you had to click on the linked activity in the Gradebook in order for final quiz or peer assessment grades to be pulled into the Gradebook. This sometimes caused confusion because faculty would see that everything was graded in the Quiz Generator, but the Gradebook would show zero grades having been entered because no one had gone into that activity in the Gradebook before. Now it all happens automatically. Please note that display preferences in the Gradebook still control the visibility of that score in the Gradebook, just as before.