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Required Surveys Before Accessing Course Content

April 06, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

Sometimes faculty want background or demographic information about the learners in their course so that they can a) better know their learners and their work or academic experiences and b) better tailor course content to the learners in the class. We've just introduced a new feature to CoursePlus which can aid in this process.

Faculty and editors can now select one survey in a CoursePlus site that students must complete before being allowed access to the content of a CoursePlus site. Students can click around the syllabus, resources, or communication sections of a CoursePlus site, but if there is a required survey for the course, they will not have access to anything under the "Content" tab of the site until they complete the survey. Learners are told that they need to first complete a survey before they can have access to the content. Once the survey is complete, students have access to anything under the "Content" tab.

Only one survey in a course can be set as required before students can access the content of a CoursePlus site. If other surveys are required, they should be set as required activities in the course, or you can consider combining multiple surveys into a single, required survey.

This feature is completely optional, as requiring completion of a survey before accessing course content may not be the right experience for most courses. However, we hope that faculty and editors on courses that do need this kind of required survey find this new feature to be useful!