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Recap of Updates to the Online Library

April 28, 2009 | 2 Minute Read

Based on the feedback from faculty, TAs and instructional staff involved in online courses, the Online Library tool in online courses has received a number of updates since the start of the third term. Below is a recap of those changes:

  • There is now a checkbox that can be clicked to select items in the "Link to PageBuilder pages" and "block students" tools. This simplifies the selection of items, especially multiple, non-contiguous items. You can hold down the SHIFT key to select multiple, contiguous items as well.
  • The highlight color in the "Link to PageBuilder pages" and "block students" boxes has been altered to improve the distinction between an item that is selected and an item that is not selected.
  • The height of the "Link to PageBuilder pages" and "block students" boxes has been increased to display more items at once.
  • The date a file was posted, rather than the file size, is now displayed in the main view.
  • When you drag items in the library, a visual indicator shows you exactly where the file will be inserted when you stop dragging the item.
  • When you hover for one second over a folder because you want to drop a file in to that folder, the folder flashes then opens so that you can drop the file in to the folder. This is how "spring-loaded" folders work on other Web applications and some operating systems.
  • You can change the folder assignment for any item when you edit that item.
  • In the folder assignment drop-down, the parent folder of the subfolder is listed in parenthesis.
  • If you select an open or close date, the checkbox for using an open or close date is automatically selected.
  • When you use the date picker for the open/close date options, all other items on the screen are blocked from selection. This prevents you from accidentally blocking a student from seeing a file when using the date picker.
  • Speaker names are listed when you link to a lecture page.
  • "Success" notifications now disappear on their own after a few seconds.
  • The total number of items within a folder and all of its subfolders is now displayed. Previously, only the number of items in that folder but no subfolders was displayed.
  • The trash can now appears immediately to the right of an item when you start to drag the item. This makes dragging items to the trash can easier and quicker.
  • You can replace a file that is currently on the server with a file of the same name without receiving an error message about two files having the same name.

There have also been numerous bug-fixes and other behind-the-scenes performance improvements during this time. We want to thank everyone who has provided feedback to us about the new version of the Online Library.

If you have any additional suggestions for changes or additions to the Online Library, we would love to hear them!