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Quick Look: Rubric-Based Grading Using the Faculty/TA Peer Assessment Type

January 20, 2021 | 0 Minute Read

CoursePlus Quick Looks is a series of video-based posts that demonstrate some of the intermediate to advanced features of CoursePlus. The videos assume a basic level of knowledge with CoursePlus (signing in, setting up a site, adding files to the Online Library).

Rubrics are a powerful tool for both setting up students for success in any graded activity and reducing complaints about subjective grading on those same activities. Faculty (and their TAs) can easily grade student work via digital rubrics using the Peer Assessment tool in CoursePlus. Although the name of the tool implies that students assess each other’s work, there’s a special type of assessment (known as the Faculty/TA assessment type) that is for faculty and TA evaluation of student work only. In this post in the CoursePlus Quick Looks video series, we see how easy it is for faculty and TAs to set up and perform rubric-based grading in their courses.