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New LiveTalk Recording Option: Link to Cloud Recording

May 24, 2022 | 2 Minute Read

As the School moves to faculty-run LiveTalks by default, faculty and their course instructional teams will have more responsibility in setting up and providing recordings for LiveTalks. In this new model, it's up to the instructional team to download the recording from Zoom and then upload it into CoursePlus for permanent storage. Although this process definitely has its bonuses for students and faculty alike, it may sometimes feel like busywork. To provide more flexibility to faculty and their instructional teams, the CoursePlus team has added a new option for the posting of recordings in faculty-run LiveTalks: providing the link and passcode to a Zoom cloud recording in addition to (or in lieu of) uploading the recording into CoursePlus.

You can provide the link to the cloud recording on Zoom’s website, and a recording passcode if the recording requires one. While this is faster than downloading the recording from Zoom and uploading it to CoursePlus, it does have some drawbacks:

  • Recordings on Zoom expire 180 days after the date of the recording to the cloud. This is a function of JHU’s contract with Zoom and cannot be changed.
  • Because Zoom cloud recordings are automatically deleted after 180 days, the recording’s link will no longer appear on the class website after that time.
  • Students can only download recordings from the Zoom cloud if your recording’s “Share” setting has this option enabled in the Zoom website.
  • CoursePlus cannot track activity for Zoom cloud recordings, including views and downloads.

If it’s important to know which students downloaded the recording, you’ll need to upload the recording to CoursePlus where student access can be tracked. If you have students taking an incomplete in your class, you will need to upload the recording to CoursePlus so that students have access to the LiveTalk content after 180 days. If you like to re-use LiveTalk recordings from year to year, you’ll need to upload the recording to CoursePlus, where your recording will be kept for years (unlike Zoom cloud, where it is automatically deleted after 180 days).

If this new option is right for you, you’ll find it on the “Manage Recordings” page, which is accessible from the main LiveTalk page in your class website after a given LiveTalk is over:

Location of the Manage Recordings button

We hope that this new option provides increased flexibility in handling LiveTalk recordings. If you have questions about this new feature, CTL Help is happy to answer your questions.