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Problems with the SPH Data Center on November 13

November 13, 2012 | 0 Minute Read

JHSPH IT reports that they are currently experiencing problems with the JHSPH data center, where the servers for CoursePlus, online courses and other systems at JHSPH are housed. These problems have resulted in very, very slow connections to some websites (including CoursePlus), a complete lack of connecitvity to some websites, and problems with email. We have no more information beyond this at this time.

We will continue to update this blog post with additional information as we receive it.

UPDATE, 2:45pm: IT has informed us that the problems in the data center have been resolved. CoursePlus is available once again. Email messages that were sent between 7am and 2:30pm may take several hours to arrive, with some email messages not arriving until early tomorrow.