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Possible New Online Courses

May 18, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

Aren't blogs for reporting the news before the mainstream media picks up the story off the wire? I'll preview five possible new online courses for academic year 2009-10. Each of the courses below should be highlighted with an asterisk, as they are unofficial until submitted and approved by the Catalog Subcommittee. Courses are official when they appear in the  Course Search listings at http://commprojects.jhsph.edu/courses/

Because the Bloomberg School of Public Health offers over 60 online courses every year, this is hardly considered breaking news, but in 1999 the first 35 Internet-based MPH students were dying to know what the new courses would be each year. Without further delay, here are five courses proposed for online development for 2009-10.


Course # Course Title Faculty
380.603.81 Demographic Methods for Public Health (4) Agree
380.xxx.81 Indirect Estimation Hill
330.612.81 Introduction to Behavioral and Psychiatric Genetics (3) Zandi
340.701.81 Epidemiologic Applications of GIS (2) Castillo-Salgado
380.762.81 HIV Infection in Women, Children, and Adolescents (4) Brahmbhatt