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Portfolio Updates for the Fourth Term

May 04, 2016 | 2 Minute Read

We're always getting great feedback from the program coordinators and faculty working with students in the CoursePlus portfolio tool. Based on recent feedback, we've added the following features to the portfolio tool:

  • Custom touchpoint due dates can now be assigned on a per-student basis. If a custom touchpoint due date is not used, the default due date for that student will be used. If a student is assigned a custom due date for a portfolio touchpoint, that custom due date now appears in the "My Calendar" view when a student signs in to CoursePlus as well as the Daily Course Notifications email from CoursePlus.
  • An online library for documents specific to a given program and cohort is now available. These documents appear to all students in a cohort in a "Program Library" tab inside of their portfolio.
  • The main touchpoint interface for students has been revamped, providing clear, step-by-step instructions on what to do in a single touchpoint.
  • A program coordinator can now be set as the "advisor" to all students for any touchpoint. That person can then review and check off that touchpoint for any student in the cohort. That person will also get email notifications, just as faculty advisors would, when students mark a touchpoint as ready for review.
  • All reflections for a touchpoint can be downloaded by a program administrator into a single web page, Word, or Excel file.
  • Program administrators can now download all evidence associated with a single touchpoint in a single ZIP file.
  • Students can now send survey results to their portfolio.
  • Students now get an email notification when advisors comment or leave feedback on a touchpoint.
  • The reports which show students waiting faculty review and students who have completed a touchpoint now shows the date on which a student sent a touchpoint to a faculty advisor for review, and flags in red those who did so after the due date for that touchpoint.
  • The words "Student Portfolio" have been removed from the top of published views in the portfolio.
  • Print output of all pages within the portfolio has been cleaned up, eliminating the display of many URLs that were previously only visible in the print view.
  • Numerous changes to the user interface have been made to make the display of selected competency levels clearer across all views (student, advisor, and administrator).