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Peer Assessment Tool Updates for the Third Term

February 26, 2020 | 2 Minute Read

Peer assessments are a powerful tool for student engagement and learning in any course. Each course runs their peer assessments a little differently from any other course. Building a single tool that accommodates the ways in which everyone runs their peer assessments requires the CoursePlus team to continually refine the Peer Assessment tool.

To that end, a number of changes were made to the Peer Assessment tool in the past few months, including:

  • If you create a Faculty/TA Peer Assessment, the dates for the assessment are set so that it opens immediately and you can get to work right away. Previously, you had to wait at least an hour for assessments to be created.
  • If a rubric has a single performance level, it is now automatically selected when filling out the rubric.
  • If there is only one assessment per student in a Peer Assessment, clicking on the student name now takes you directly to the results report for that student, instead of having to click on a second link to see the results report for that student.
  • The "Include an additional field for faculty comments" is now included by default on all assessments.
  • In a faculty/TA peer assessment, the name of the student who is currently being assessed is displayed at the top of the page.
  • When faculty or TAs add a comment to a student peer assessment, an entry is also added in the grading history indicating that person added a comment.
  • Group peer assessments no longer show students who were in a group but dropped the class.
  • Peer assessments that are not currently open are now displayed in a collapsed list to students. A peer assessment that is currently open is displayed in an open list when a student accesses the Peer Assessment main page. This helps students more quickly find assessments that they need to do at that time.
  • When students submit a peer assessment, a spinner now displays indicating that the assessment is being processed.
  • The instructions on how to send student feedback from the Peer Assessment tool have been updated in response to faculty feedback.

If you have any questions about these changes to the Peer Assessment tool, or how to use the tool itself, please contact CTL Help!