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New Text Chat App, and the End of Flash in CoursePlus

July 10, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

The Center for Teaching and Learning has been working for some time now to remove all dependencies on the Adobe Flash plug-in from CoursePlus.

For years, online lectures were delivered via Adobe Presenter — a Flash-based tool. Those lectures were replaced between 2014-2016 by MP4 video counterparts. The Online Library tool used to use the Flash plug-in for file uploads, and that was replaced in 2015. Adobe Connect, used for LiveTalks, added the option of being able to participate without having the Flash plug-in installed in 2017. We've slowly been pruning away all content and tools that required the Flash plug-in.

The very last tool that required the Flash plug-in was the Class Chat tool, found in the Communication section of every class website. Although rarely used by most classes, the tool had heavy use by students in a handful of courses. We're pleased to say that the old, Flash-based Class Chat tool has been replaced by a completely browser-based chat tool. The new Text Chat tool has a clean, modern interface and uses the photo in your CoursePlus profile as your avatar in chats.

With the removal of the Flash-based Class Chat tool, the Flash plug-in is no longer required to use any part of CoursePlus. We're glad we finally reached this milestone of making CoursePlus more standards compliant and fully accessible across devices!