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Archived Pages in Page Builder

June 25, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

As an online course is taught over many years, lectures and activities come and go based on both what's current in the literature/research and the feedback of the students in the class. This content is stored inside pages created in the Page Builder tool in CoursePlus. As pages are no longer or relevant, they can be removed from the course schedule, but they still appear in listing of pages in the class — even long after they stopped being used.

To improve the organization of Page Builder pages in long-running online classes, we've added the option of archiving Page Builder pages. When you archive a page, the page goes into an "Archived Pages" folder at the bottom of the listing of all pages in the course webiste. The page is also no longer accessible via any existing links. Links to Online Library files, discussion forum categories, quizzes, or peer assessments are removed from a page when it is archived. Archived pages do not show in the list of items you can link to from the Online Library, Discussion Forum, Quiz Generator, or Peer Asessments.

Only CTL staff can archive pages. Faculty, TAs, and editors can view the pages in the Archived Pages folder, but cannot edit them or move them out of the archive. CTL staff can un-archive a page at any time, or even edit the page while it is in the Archived Pages folder.

Archiving Page Builder pages gives course teams more organizational tools for managing what invariably turns out to be an ever-growing list of pages in online courses.