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The New Online Library: Copy the Online Library from Any Course You Teach (or TA)

February 11, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

The Online Library is receiving an overhaul. If you haven't read the previous entries in this series about why these changes are being made and what's new in this new version, please do so.

In the previous version of the Online Library, faculty or TAs could copy the Online Library from another section of the same course. For example, you could copy the Online Library from 999.986.01 as a replacement for the Online Library from 999.986.81. You could not copy from a course with an entirely different course number, however.

The new version of the Online Library lets faculty copy the Online Library from any course that they teach. The course numbers do not have to be the same. Additionally, TAs can copy the Online Library from any course on which they are listed as a TA. This gives faculty and TAs more flexibility in copying Online Libraries from one course to another.

Select from any course that you have faculty or TA access to

As we discuss all of the new features of the Online Library, please reach out to the CTL Help team if you have any questions!