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New Gradebook Tool Coming in the Third Term

January 03, 2018 | 1 Minute Read

You may be aware that faculty in first and second term courses had ongoing problems with the Gradebook in CoursePlus. The situation is now under control and issues are now isolated to one-off problems in individual courses. Even so, the CoursePlus team began work on a complete rebuild the Gradebook tool in October. The goal was building a new, modern code base that focused on reliability and speed. This work is nearly complete. A new version of the Gradebook will be available in your third term CoursePlus site.

The new Gradebook functions the same way as the old Gradebook. The setup, grading, and sending of grades and feedback works in the same way as it did before. We've focused on making things super reliable and faster, where possible. There should be no learning curve for anyone who has used the Gradebook before.

The rebuild of the Gradebook required a completely new underlying data structure. The side effect of this change is that setups from previous versions of your course Gradebook will not carry over into the new version. This means that the Gradebook setup must be rebuilt when your third term course begins. The CTL Help team is happy to assist you in this process, should you need help.

This change only affects the Gradebook. It does not affect any other tool in CoursePlus. All data in all other tools will carry over as normal.

The new Gradebook will be available in your third term course sites on January 18, 2018. We realize that this is shortly before the start of the third term. CTL Help is, again, happy to assist you in rebuilding your Gradebook setup, should you need help. CTL Help is also happy to answer any questions you have about the new Gradebook.

We appreciate your patience during this change. We're sure that the improvements in reliability and speed will make the administration of your courses simpler and faster.