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New eLearning Account Management Tool

May 26, 2009 | 1 Minute Read

Create an Account LogoCurrently, access to both CoursePlus and online course Web sites requires everyone to have a JHSPH eLearning account. The scope of individuals who need access to CoursePlus and online course Web sites is bigger than those who need access to the JHSPH portal or email, or even JHED. As a result, a separate username and password is required to access to both CoursePlus and online course Web sites.

JHSPH eLearning accounts are created either when first accessing CoursePlus, or when registering for Introduction to Online Learning. One of the problems with having two places in which accounts can be created is that people sometimes think that they need one username and password for CoursePlus and one for online courses, and that is simply not true. Additionally, if you create your account using CoursePlus and you need to update your eLearning account information, you're taken to the online courses Web site, which may be confusing. Finally, if you only use CoursePlus, you may not know that your eLearning account has a personal profile section, in which you can upload photos and provide more information about yourself to your fellow students and faculty.

To remedy these issues, and others, a new eLearning Account Management site has been created. This site provides a unified interface for creating and updating eLearning accounts, regardless if you're coming from CoursePlus, Introduction to Online Learning, or other online courses at JHSPH. On this site, you can:


  • Create a JHSPH eLearning account.
  • Retrieve your JHSPH eLearning account information should you forget it.
  • Update your JHSPH eLearning account information, including the email address (or addresses) to which CoursePlus and online course emails are sent.
  • Update your JHSPH eLearning profile, including your profile photo, list of public health interests, Facebook link, and more.
  • Update proctor information for online courses which require proctors for exams.
The JHSPH eLearning Account Management site is located at http://ctlt.jhsph.edu/account/