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Marking an Online Lecture as 'Watched'

October 25, 2016 | 1 Minute Read

While CoursePlus has long tracked students views of online course lectures on a macro level, the system hasn't really tracked if an individual lecture section was watched from start to finish, or if all sections in a lecture have been watched.

That's about to change.

CoursePlus now tracks the length of time someone spends on viewing a single section of an online course lecture video. If the lecture video is viewed for at least 50% of its total running time, that lecture is marked in the system as having been watched. A small checkmark icon appears next to that section in the Lecture Materials box for a fully online lecture.

Example of checkmark next to section title when a section has been viewed.

Back on the main course content page in a fully online course, if all sections of a lecture have been watched, that lecture, as a whole, is marked as being watched. This way, learners have more tools to help them stay on top of the work that they've done, and the work that they still need to do, at least when it comes to the core activity of watching online course lectures.

Note that this only applies to fully online course lectures delivered in video format. If the lectures are in VoiceThread or delivered in Adobe Presenter format, we can't do the same tracking. Fortunately, this change is applicable to the vast majority of lecture content in online courses CoursePlus.