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'About Me' Pages in the Portfolio for Faculty Advisors

November 02, 2016 | 0 Minute Read

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Students can now create a publishing view in their portfolio which can be flagged as an "About Me" or biographical sketch page which can then be shared with their faculty advisors.

When a student creates a publishing view in their portfolio, there is now an option to mark that publishing view as an "About Me" page:

Demonstration of the About Me checkmark in the student publishing views.

Advisors for that student will then see an information icon next to the student name in the list of their advisors:

Biosketch icon next to an advisee's name in an advisor's view of the portfolio.

Clicking on that information icon will open the "About Me" or biographical sketch page. This is a great way for students to introduce themsleves to their advisors and for advisors to have a quick reminder about the personal and professional goals of all their advisees.