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Manage LiveTalk Polls from Within CoursePlus

June 02, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

Polls are an important part of making a LiveTalk (or any Zoom session) interactive. Students respond positively to polls, as they allow students to engage in the session in a low-impact way. Polls in Zoom can only be created in the account which originally created the Zoom meeting. This means that faculty or TAs who want to use polls in LiveTalk have had to do this in the studio, just before their LiveTalk, or — in the fourth term — by sending the poll questions and answers to the Multimedia support team prior to the LiveTalk so that they can create the polls.

We're pleased to announce that CoursePlus now includes the ability for faculty, TAs, or staff on a course to manage the polls for each LiveTalk from within CoursePlus itself. This means that faculty and TAs can create their own polls, from a week before the scheduled start of the LiveTalk through an hour past the scheduled start time of the LiveTalk. The Multimedia team will no longer need to create polls for faculty, and once we’re allowed back on campus, no one will have to be in the studio to create LiveTalk polls.

The button to manage LiveTalk polls appears on the LiveTalk page in the class website, right below the button where faculty and TAs are supposed to provide information about the LiveTalk itself:

Example of Manage Polls for This LiveTalk button

We hope that this change will encourage everyone to more actively use polls in their LiveTalks. We know it will make creating polls much easier for everyone involved!

If you have any questions about this new feature, CTL Help is glad to answer them!