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Lots of Small CoursePlus Changes for the First Academic Term

September 22, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

The team behind CoursePlus is always making changes and adding new features based on faculty, staff, and student feedback. On the first day of the first academic term, they CoursePlus team made a whole bunch of small changes to CoursePlus, including:

  • When printing a syllabus, the class schedule now appears at the end of the document, rather than in the middle.
  • The "Why Take This Course" field in the course system now appears immediately following and in the same visual box as the course description on a course syllabus.
  • The "Academic Ethics" section now appears on the printed version of the syllabus.
  • Discussion forum digest and individual post emails now have a "Go to Class Website" button at the end of every message.
  • The default for "Can Students See Other Student Submissions?" on the Drop Box setup form is now "No."
  • Portfolio program administrators can now attach files to individual reflection prompts for all students to access.
  • The Portfolio Timeline view shows shows events based on their due date, instead of their open date.
  • A link to the Peer Assessment tool has been added to the Faculty Tools Quick Jump box on the course home page.