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Lots of Little Wiki Improvements

February 26, 2019 | 1 Minute Read

The wiki tool in CoursePlus has been around for many years. From group work to research projects to topic signup sheets, it's used for a wide variety of purposes. It's not a tool that gets a lot of attention — until recently. In the past few months, the CoursePlus team has made a number of small changes to the wiki that, we believe, makes the tool better. These improvements include:

  • The "View History by Author" tool now shows all versions for an individual author, instead of the most recent version by that author.
  • The "Embed Media" plugin to the rich text editor in the wiki has been streamlined so that you only have to provide the URL of the media you are trying to embed.
  • When faculty unmark a wiki as finished, the student who marked the wiki as finished is now notified via email.
  • A link to the main page for a wiki was added so that you can get to the main page of a wiki when you are on a sub-page of a wiki without having to go back to the main listing of all wikis in a course.
  • The "Do not send an email to the instructional team...finished/unfinished" option now has its own header to better distinguish options when creating/editing a wiki setup.
  • The comments field has been changed to a simple rich text editor, as the full rich text editor was overkill for such work.
  • Administrative icons on the main listing of course wikis have been changed to match those used elsewhere in CoursePlus.
  • The text of numerous alerts in the wiki tool have been rewritten for clarity.

If you have any questions about how the wiki tool works, or about these changes in particular, please contact CTL Help!