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How to Record Audio from Your Desktop Tutorial Posted

December 05, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

The Center's team of Web documentation and audio production specialists have been hard at work developing a new tutorial which shows you, in simple and clear steps, how to record audio from your desktop. If you're a student who needs to record audio for a class assignment, or a faculty member who needs to record a lecture in your office or at home for posting in to CoursePlus, this tutorial is for you.

The tutorial covers the whole process, from downloading the right software, to making sure your microphone settings are correct, to editing mistakes out of your audio, and generating an MP3 file for posting in to an online course or CourePlus Web site. There's even a handy microphone tester with troubleshooting information along side, which can be used not only for recording audio from your desktop, but also for testing out a microphone for LiveTalk.

The tutorial is composed of text, images, and video demonstrations. There's also a handy PDF reference guide available for those who want to print the complete set of step-by-step instructions for all phases of the recording process.

If you have any feedback about the tutorial, we'd love to hear it!