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Drop Boxes for Specific Course Groups

August 07, 2017 | 1 Minute Read

Over the past academic year, we received a number of requests to allow course Drop Boxes to be visible to and submittable by specific groups of students. This lets administrators set up a Drop Box only for those students in the "DrPH Program" group in a site, or faculty to only allow the groups "Presentation - Sustainable Cities" and "Presentation - Built Environment" to submit to a specific course Drop Box.

To create a Drop Box that can only be seen by specific groups of students, you first have to set up a group (or groups) in the Course Groups tool. Once you do that, the list of course groups appears when you create or edit a Drop Box:

The option to limit a Drop Box to select course groups.

You can select one or more course groups to have access to the Drop Box. Only the students in the selected groups will see the Drop Box on the Drop Boxes page in the class website, and only the students in the selected groups can to submit files to that Drop Box.

We hope that this new feature makes Drop Boxes and CoursePlus even more flexible! If you have questions about this new feature, please contact CTL Help.