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CTLT Help Becoming CTL Help

May 28, 2013 | 0 Minute Read

On Friday, May 31, 2013, CTLT Help will officially be changing its name to CTL Help and the main email address for CTL Help will be ctlhelp@jhsph.edu. Additionally, the ctlt.jhsph.edu website name will be changed to ctl.jhsph.edu.

The Center changed its name to the Center for Teaching and Learning more than a year ago. We kept the CTLT Help name and the ctlt.jhsph.edu website through the end of the last academic year to avoid confusion to current students. Now that we are in a new academic year, it's time that we brought the email address and website name in line with the actual name of the Center.

There will be forwarding from ctlthelp@jhsph.edu to ctlhelp@jhsph.edu and a forward for ctlt.jhsph.edu to ctl.jhsph.edu for a period of six months. If you have bookmarks or weblinks in your own pages that point to either ctlthelp@jhsph.edu or ctlt.jhsph.edu, please update them accordingly!