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CoursePlus Downtime on December 30, 2022

December 08, 2022 | 1 Minute Read

CoursePlus will be totally unavailable on December 30, 2022, from 6am – 3pm Eastern US time as we migrate the databases which power CoursePlus to a new infrastructure.

Databases are the heart of any modern web application. You really cannot run an app of any complexity without one. As such, these critical pieces of infrastructure need a lot of care and maintenance. Sometimes these databases get a bit old, and don’t perform as well as they could. We’re moving the databases behind CoursePlus to a new, more robust infrastructure in the BSPH data center.

When making a migration to a new database infrastructure, no work of any kind can be done in the host application. This means that there will be no access of any kind to CoursePlus during this downtime. Faculty, staff, and students should take this outage into account as they plan for end of second term work and grading, and prepare for Winter Institute courses.

We know that any downtime in CoursePlus is frustrating for anyone who wants to use the site. The CoursePlus team and BSPH IT are working hard to ensure that the database migration is as smooth and short as possible. We will be posting on the @courseplus Twitter account with status updates during the database migration. As soon as CoursePlus is available again, we’ll be posting there.