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Changes to the Quiz Generator in the Fourth Term

April 27, 2020 | 1 Minute Read

The Quiz Generator is one of the most important tools in CoursePlus, as faculty rely on it to deliver assessments of all kinds to students. While the tool cannot meet the needs of every single faculty member and all the ways in which they may want to deliver assessments, the CoursePlus team works to update the tool with features that are commonly requested.

We're pleased to announce that the following changes have been made to CoursePlus in the fourth term:

  • You now have the option of not penalizing students for incorrect answers they choose on multiple choice, multiple answer and match-from-two-lists questions. The current, long-time behavior of CoursePlus has been to penalize students for each incorrect answer they select on these types of questions.
  • A warning is shown on the main quiz overview page, the quiz setup page, and question editing page when a quiz is set up to track students leaving the quiz page and files (which open in new windows) are attached to questions in the quiz. This is important because opening any file attached to a quiz will result in the file opening in a new window, thus immediately flagging every student as having left the quiz page while taking the quiz.
  • A list of unanswered questions is now displayed in a floating box when students take a quiz or exam.
  • When you grade or change student scores or provide feedback on an individual student's responses page in the Quiz Generator, the change is now autosaved in the background.
  • The code which tracks students leaving an exam page has been improved to detect more instances when students may be off the page.
  • A bug that prevented students from seeing the "you have submitted answers to this quiz" message on screen after submitting answers to a quiz where no results are displayed on screen but faculty are sent a copy of the student's entire response set has been fixed.

If you have questions about any of these changes, please contact CTL Help!