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August 2010 Update to Online Courses

August 04, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

The online course system just received an update which introduces a number of new features and changes to tools in online courses. Here's a quick overview of what's new and changed:


  • You can duplicate an existing wiki and optionally assign a specific group to have read/write access to that duplicate.

Online Library

  • You can now assign an "Importance" level to files, in addition to Web links.
  • The report which shows the number of downloads, by student, for an individual item in the library is now sorted by student last name.


  • You can now set up a survey so that the student name is revealed along with their responses to the survey. This data is only available on the Excel view of the full set of survey data. Note that students are given strong warning that their name is being recorded when they see the survey.
  • Survey results from surveys from previous offerings of the course are now available from within the survey tool.


  • Feedback/files are only displayed to students on the student Gradebook page only after feedback/files are emailed, or if the "Display grades on student view" checkbox is checked. If the feedback/files have been sent to students, but the "Display grades on student view" checkbox is not checked, the feedback/files are displayed on the student view, but not the grade. Previously, feedback/files were displayed to students as soon as they were created, even if the "Display grades on student view" checkbox was not checked.
  • A "give all students full credit" option has been added to the grading view.

If you have any questions about these new or changed features in the online courses, please contact DEHelp or your course instructional designer!