Apr 8 2014

What Are the Differences Between Online and On-Campus Courses in the New CoursePlus?

Posted by Brian Klaas at 9:22 AM
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The merged CoursePlus houses both online and on-campus courses in a single system. The tools in CoursePlus are the same for online and on-campus courses, with the following exceptions:

  • On-campus courses have a class sessions tool that can be edited by faculty, TAs, and editors on the course.
  • Online courses have a schedule tool that is currently only editable by the instructional designer assigned to the course.
  • On-campus courses have one-click tool that makes the course site available or unavailable to students.
  • Online courses become available to students on the day the course begins. There is no option to make an online course site unavailable to students.
  • On-campus courses have a tool that displays a link to the eReserves site for that course. Online courses usually post this information on course lecture pages by default.
  • Online courses have a "Welcome" page for visitors not enrolled in the course. On-campus courses do not have this page.
  • Online courses have a "Faculty" page in the "Syllabus" section of the course site which displays custom biographical information about course faculty, guest speakers, and TAs. On-campus courses do not have this page.
  • There is no LiveTalk page in on-campus course sites.

That's it for the differences between what you see in online versus on-campus course sites. If you have any questions, please let us know!



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