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Jul 9 2019

More Accurate Reporting of Abandoned Quiz Attempts

The Quiz Generator tool in CoursePlus has long helped faculty track situations where a student started taking a quiz or exam, but never finished the work by submitting their answers. In Quiz Generator parlance, this is known as an "Abandoned Attempt."

The CoursePlus team recently refined the way in which an Abandoned Attempt is detected to provide more accurate information in situations when a faculty or TA gives a student who previously had an abandoned attempt more time or more attempts on a quiz. Prior to this change, a faculty or TA could give a student special permission (via the Special Permission tool) to access a single-access exam a second time, or convert their submitted answers back in to an active quiz/exam, and the student would still be listed as haivng an "Abandoned Attempt" until the student actually went back into the quiz/exam to continue work.

The code for this feature now takes in to account if the student was recently given special permission to re-access a quiz, if the student has worked on the quiz in the last hour, or had their answers cleared for a retake after the quiz deadline. If any of these conditions are true, then the student is no longer listed as having an Abandoned Attempt, but instead is listed as "In Progress" for their work.

Hopefully this change will reduce confusion when faculty and TAs work together to administer a quiz or exam. If you have any questions about this change, please contact CTL Help!

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Jun 27 2019

PathFinder Gets a User Interface Overhaul

PathFinder is a tool that allows students to engage in choice-based simulations. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure tool within CoursePlus. PathFinder has existed for over a decade in CoursePlus, but only a handful of courses used the tool. It's not simple to make a choice-based simulation, as it takes time to plan all of the content. The original PathFinder user interface also did not make it simple to put together a simulation, nor see how all of the possible choices intersected and worked together.

The PathFinder user interface has undergone a huge renovation, making it dead-simple to map out your content and see how one choice leads to the next. The tool now includes a drag-and-drop interface for building your choice-based simulations:

Screenshot of the new PathFinder editing UI

Exits from one choice point to another are now displayed in an easy-to-parse flowchart, and you can add exits and ending points with ease from within the dynamic, new user interface. This vastly streamlines the effort of putting together a PathFinder simulation.

The student view of PathFinder has also been refreshed with a card-based interface that makes it easy for students to see the choices they've made thus far:

Screenshot of new card-based student view of PathFinder simulations‚Äč

PathFinder is a powerful tool that can add significant learning value to your course. The instructional design team in the Center for Teaching and Learning is happy to help you figure out how to best use the tool in your class, and CTL Help will glady answer any questions you might have about using the tool.

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May 14 2019

New, Zoom-Based LiveTalk Tutorials for Students and Faculty

As previously announced, all LiveTalks in online courses in CoursePlus are switching to a new tool called Zoom starting with the summer institute term of academic year 2019-2020. Zoom is very different from Adobe Connect, which was previously used for LiveTalks.

It's important that all students, TAs, and faculty become familiar with how Zoom works before their first online, academic course in the coming academic year. To that end, the Center for Teaching and Learning has created two new tutorials to get you up to speed on using Zoom:

If, after viewing the tutorial, you have additional questions about using Zoom and LiveTalks, please contact the CTL Help team. They will be happy to help.

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