May 1 2012

Revving up web events

Posted by Cathy Duchamp at 3:36 PM Web Events

Almost everyday there’s an interesting public health lecture or event happening on campus at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. But it can be hard to track down recordings of the talks.  We’re making it easier for you by revamping our Web Events page to connect you to talks that will stir your curiosity and deepen your public health knowledge. 

Among the latest talks we’re sharing:

  • Minister Pe Thet Khin on fixing the health system of Burma
  • JHSPH health economist David Bishai on the hygiene revolution
  • Will Allen on the future of food

We’ll be posting new talks on a weekly basis and using the Web Events page to give you a heads up on future talks including ones you can watch live.  If there is a specific talk you’d like us to post, or ways we can get lectures and events to you faster and easier, please leave a comment!


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