Mar 24 2020

Hear How Students Pronounce Their Names in CoursePlus

Posted by Brian Klaas at 9:37 AM CoursePlus

For the past two years, the University has used a service called NameCoach to allow students to record a brief pronunciation of their name so that faculty (and those speaking at commencement) can properly pronounce a student's name. The roster page in CoursePlus now shows a button to pronounce a student's name when a student has made a recording of their name in NameCoach.

Screenshot of new "Pronounce" name button

We hope that faculty and TAs will take advantage of this new feature to help create a safer and more positive learning environment for their students by ensuring a student name is always correctly spoken. Please note that many students are not yet aware of this feature, so current availability is sparse. Faculty and TA encouragement to have students record their name in NameCoach will help spur adoption.

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