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What's New in Quiz Generator 5.5

May 27, 2011 | 3 Minute Read

On Tuesday, May 24, a new version of the Quiz Generator — version 5.5 — went into production. Listed below are the new features of this version:

Multi-Access Graded Quizzes

  • Faculty are able to set up a quiz as graded, but then specify only allowing students access to the quiz once, or as many times as needed.
  • As students work on a multi-access quiz, their answers are automatically saved while they work. If the student leaves the quiz and comes back to the quiz, their answers appear exactly as they left them.
  • Students can submit their answers only once, regardless of the number of times they can access a graded quiz.
  • Faculty can set up a quiz so that students can access it as many times as needed, but have a countdown timer just as they could previously, so the student only has a total of [n] minutes to be on the quiz page.
  • Faculty can set up a quiz so that students can access it as many times as needed, but only have a set period of time (ie; 90 minutes) to work on the quiz. That time starts counting down the moment the student first access the quiz and continues to count down even if the student leaves the quiz page. At the end of the set period of time, the quiz is automatically submitted, even if the student isn’t on the quiz page.

Allow Students to Continue Work on Single-Access Graded Quizzes

  • If a student can’t complete a quiz that can only be accessed once (technical difficulty, etc.), faculty have an option on the special permissions page to let the student continue working on the quiz.
  • If a student is given special permission to continue working on the quiz, faculty have the option of “locking down” the existing student answers so the student can’t change them.
  • If a student is given special permission to continue working on the quiz, the countdown timer (if one is used) will continue from the time the student last communicated with the server (so if they had 25 minutes left when they had a problem, they will have 25 minutes when they get special access again).

Log of Student Activity in a Quiz

  • You can now see a log of all activity by a student when taking a quiz. This includes:
    • Starting and leaving a quiz
    • Selecting or changing answers
    • Snapshots of answers to essay questions as they are written
    • Warnings given to students about leaving a single-access graded quiz
    • Submission of answers Email messages sent by the system to the student

Additional Changes

  • When you change the weighting for manually graded questions (fill-in-the-blank, essay), the system now scales any existing scores for those question types to properly match the new weighting. Previously, this only happened for autograded question types and you would have to make the weighted score changes to each student by hand for manually graded questions.
  • HTML code in student essay question responses is now stripped from those responses when exporting all questions and responses to Excel.
  • A number of complex bugs have been fixed, including issues where questions excluded from scoring would prevent scores from being recalculated when there are a mix of automatically– and manually–graded questions in the quiz.

If you have questions about how to use any of these new features, please contact your course instructional designer or CTLT Help!