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Top 10 Topics in Effective Teaching Strategies

December 10, 2010 | 1 Minute Read

In 2010, Faculty Focus e-newsletter published more than 250 articles on effective teaching strategies at the university level. The articles covered a wide range of topics, including academic leadership, curriculum development, classroom management, learning styles, online education, and teaching with technology.

What were the most popular topics with the readership? Here is a Top-10 countdown: 

10. A Checklist for Facilitating Online Courses (read article

9. Five Questions that Improve Student Writing (read article)   

8. Reasons You Could be Disciplined, Fired, or Sued (read article)  

7. Are You Committing Plagiarism? Top Five Overlooked Citations to Add to Your Course Materials (read article

6. Reconsidering Grading Students on Class Participation (read article

5. Dealing with Difficult Students: the Narcissist (read article)  

4. Good Teaching: The Top 10 Requirements (read article)  

3. How to Design Effective Online Group Work Activities (read article)   

2. Integrating Social Media into Online Education (read article)

And the most popular article of all was --

1. Blogging to Improve Student Learning: Tips and Tools for Getting  Started (read article)   

Faculty Focus was created in 2003 by Magna Publications. Through its free e-newsletter and dedicated website, Faculty Focus publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom — both face-to-face and online.