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The 'Ongoing Feedback' Tool Will Not Be in the New CoursePlus

May 02, 2014 | 0 Minute Read

The current CoursePlus has an infrequently used tool called "Ongoing Feedback." This tool, used by a handful of courses, allows students in the class to give completely anonymous feedback at any time about the course. The student is asked to provide general, open-ended feedback about the course and the questions themselves cannot be changed by the faculty. This tool has not been particularly popular, and has been the source of occasional abusive comments by students.

The survey tool in CoursePlus is much more powerful and provides greater flexibility in getting feedback from students about the course. As such, the "Ongoing Feedback" is being dropped from the new CoursePlus and those interested in getting ongoing feedback from students are encouraged to use the survey tool to create custom, focused surveys instead.