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The End of QuickLinks

July 30, 2012 | 1 Minute Read

In case you haven't been to the School's main website lately, the School's main website has undergone a major redesign. It's a big improvement over the old design, and makes finding information faster and easier. As part of the redesign, the School has put greater emphasis on online courses. Currently, clicking on links to online courses from the School's main website brings you to the online courses home page, which does not (currently) use the new design of the School's website.

In order to bring the online courses home page in line with the School's new design, we have to make a number of changes. In addition to a redesign of that page, we're also moving some content back to the School's website, and we're removing the QuickLinks tool.

After looking at actual usage of the QuickLinks tool on the online courses home page, we found that only a handful of people (staff and students) use the QuickLinks tool. Given that usage is so low, and given that there are design limitations brought about by the new page design, we have decided to retire the QuickLinks tool. The QuickLinks tool was going to be removed as part of the eventual merge of the CoursePlus and online courses websites, but the redesign of the School's website has accelerated that process.

If you are one of the handful of people who currently uses the QuickLinks tool, you have until Wednesday, August 8 to move that information elsewhere. Web browser bookmarks are a superior alternative to QuickLinks, and given that browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari now synchronize bookmarks across multiple devices, you can have those links with you no matter what device you may be using.