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Send Automatic Reminders to Complete a Quiz

March 09, 2015 | 1 Minute Read

During a January meeting with faculty and TAs about new features in CoursePlus, we were showing the new feature in the Drop Box which allows you to set up automatic reminder emails to students who haven't yet turned in a file to a Drop Box. A TA in this session asked if we could do the same for quizzes. A few weeks later, and you can now set up automatic reminder emails for students who haven't yet completed a quiz!

When you set up a quiz, you can specify the number of days before the due date of the quiz that you want the reminder to be sent, and the reminder is automatically sent to students who have not yet completed that quiz at the appropriate time. This is the generic message that is always sent:

This is an automated reminder that you still need to complete and submit answers to [title of quiz] in [course title].
The deadline for completion is [quiz due date and time] US Eastern time.

This is another great idea which comes directly from faculty, TA and student feedback!