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Quick Look: Submitting Files to a Drop Box on Behalf of a Student

April 12, 2021 | 1 Minute Read

CoursePlus Quick Looks is a series of video-based posts that demonstrate some of the intermediate to advanced features of CoursePlus. The videos assume a basic level of knowledge with CoursePlus (signing in, setting up a site, adding files to the Online Library).

For some faculty, Drop Boxes are the single most utilized feature in CoursePlus. Drop Boxes make it easy to organize student assignment submissions in a single place, and the tool nicely renames all student submissions using a consistent file naming scheme. Sometimes, however, a student has technical problems and is unable to submit their Drop Box assignment to the Drop Box itself. This is often communicated via email and the submission becomes an an attachment to the email message. Rather than keeping track of that one lone file and manually sharing that file with others on your course instructional team, you can upload the file to the appropriate Drop Box on behalf of that student. In this post in the CoursePlus Quick Looks video series, we see how you can quickly submit that file for that student and keep all assignment files nicely organized in the same place.